Oil Money Out, People Power In!


In the past year, the oil industry spent 36 million in lobbying alone in California.  This oil money in our political system has allowed the big time polluters to continue legally poisoning our communities and the worsening of the climate crisis. That’s why we are calling on Governor Jerry Brown and our California Legislators to stop taking dirty money from the oil industry. And on May 20th, we will be coming together in Sacramento for the “Oil Money Out, People Power In” March & Rally to demand that our elected leaders stand with the people and prioritize public health over industry profits. To get oil money out, we need to everyone to be involved.  

Here are the event details:
WHAT:  Oil Money Out Rally and March

DATE: Saturday May 20

TIME: 12 Noon to 3pm

WHERE: Governor’s Mansion at 16th St & H St

We need your help reaching out to your network, sharing on social media, mobilizing folks to attend the Oil Money Out Rally and March in Sacramento, and getting your organization signed on as a co-sponsor of the Oil Money Out Campaign. Please use the links below to help us spread the word and build our movement!



Once you’ve been able to spread to word about the March & Rally, please add your name to the petition to tell Governor Jerry Brown & California Legislators to stop taking dirty money from the oil industry: http://bit.ly/OilMoneyOutPetition

For more information about the Oil Money Out campaign, please visit: www.OilMoneyOut.com Thank you for all that you do!

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