About CEJC

The California Environmental Justice Coalition was founded in November of 2014 in Kettleman City


The California Environmental Justice Coalition takes action to bring about systemic change in industry and government policies and practices to protect health and promote justice and resilient communities by uncompromisingly following the Principles of Environmental Justice; promoting unity and solidarity; using community-based knowledge; and strengthening community leadership. Led by people of color and low-income communities, CEJC is a broad, inclusive, grassroots statewide coalition of small and large groups uniting urban, rural and indigenous communities in resistance against environmental racism and injustice, and committed to environmental, social, and economic justice.


La Coalicion de Justicia Ambiental de California adopta medidas para lograr un cambio sistemico en las politicas del gobierno y la industria para proteger la salud y promover justica y comunidades fuertes siguendo los principios de justicia ambiental, promover la unidad y la solidaridad, usando el conocimiento basado en la comunidad y fortalecer el liderazgo comunitario. Dirigido por gente de color y comunidades de bajos ingresos CEJC es una coalicion amplia incluyent de grupos pequenos uniendo comunidades urbanas, rurales e indigenas en resistencia en contra el racismo ambiental y la injustica y comprometidos con la justicia ambiental social y economica.

CEJC Members at Founding Conference


(209) 589-9277

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  1. I attended the rally today in Sacramento. It was powerful! A great group of speakers with compelling stories to share. Keep up the good work!
    I live in Stockton. I’m not a member of the presenting organizations. I’m a peace and justice activist who got an email from someone about today’s event.

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